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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

General Questions | Summer Program Questions | Birthday Party Questions

General Questions

Q: What does "Abaka" mean?
A: "Abaka" (pronounced AH-bah-kah) is the Armenian word for "future". The school is named Abaka in honor of the children, which are our "Abaka".
Q: How much does it cost to enroll my children at Abaka?
A: Call Apo at (339) 222-2410 for tuition information. Discounts for multiple enrollments are available.
Q: Are there any other costs?
A: The parents must buy the proper dance attire for their children. Recital costumes are also purchased by the parents, and the kids get to keep them!
Q: Where is Abaka located?
A: Abaka is located at 101 Bigelow Ave. in Watertown, Ma. See Map
Q: How big are the classes?
A: There is no fixed size for any class. However, class sizes usually range from 8-20 students. (APO, you need to adjust the numbers here.)
Q: Is Abaka affiliated with Sayat Nova Dance Company?
A: No. This is a question we hear often. Abaka is an independent dance school for children. Although many of the instructors are Sayat Nova Dance Company members, they are here as volunteers and enjoy teaching dance. Students who graduate from Abaka may elect to join Sayat Nova Dance Company if they want, but that is a choice that is completely up to them.

Summer Program Questions

Q: What's the maximum number of children that can be enrolled in the Summer Program?
A: A maximum of 30 children may be enrolled per session.
Q: How many Councilors will be there?
A: There are a total of three councilors. There is a ratio of one councilor for ten children.
Q: Where will indoor activities be held?
A: Indoor activities will be held at the Abaka school (101 Bigelow Ave, Watertown).
Q: Where will outdoor activities be held?
A: Outdoor activities will be held at Filipello Park / Arlington Field, which are within close walking distance from Abaka.
Q: What is the plan in case of injuries?
A: Apo, you will have to answer this. Do you want this question included?
Q: How much does the Summer Program Cost?
A: The summer program is only $150/week, from 8:30pm to 2:30pm
Q: Is early drop-off available?
A: Yes. Early drop-off is at 8:00am and is only an extra $25 per week.

Birthday Party Questions

Q: How much does a birthday party cost?
A: APO, you need to answer this for me.
Q: How long will the birthday party be?
A: APO, you need to answer this for me.
Q: What types of games will they play?
A: APO, you need to answer this for me.
Q: Can I bring my own entertainment - clowns, etc?
A: APO, you need to answer this for me.