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If you want your children to be involved in Armenian activities, learn about Armenian culture and build lasting friendships, then Abaka Armenian School for the Performing Arts is the place for them. Through the art of dance they will be exposed to Armenian music, language and 'all things Armenian'. Below are some more reasons to consider registering your child at ABAKA:

  1. ABAKA is a great after-school activity!
  2. Self-Esteem! Learning dance and performing on stage will boost your child's self esteem and confidence!
  3. Exercise! With all the talk about youth weight issues, coming to ABAKA is a great way to ensure your child gets some exercise...
  4. Your child will build lasting friendships.
  5. Enrich your child's life by teaching them the art of Armenian Dance.
  6. Keep your child involved in the Armenian culture.

You may download this registration form (Winzip and Adobe Acrobat Reader required) and fill it out. Mail or bring the form back to:

Abaka Armenian School for the Performing Arts
101 Bigelow Avenue.
Watertown, MA 02472